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Top Ten Tips For Dating On A Chatline

Brunette woman curled up on sofa smiling and texting

So you think you are good at dating? Be it online, on the phone or in person.

Well, no one is perfect so here are a few dating tips if you like to do your chatting up of the opposite sex on the phone. Chatlines are funny things, you get hundreds of guys and girls chatting on the phone – some are bored, some are lonely, some want something a little more risqué’ and some are actually looking for love and a bit or romance.

So for all those looking for love and a soulmate on a chatline then please follow these simple tips.

  1. If they sound like Freddy Kreuger then more often than not they are probably going to probably resemble him in appearance. Although, I did used to chat once with a girl who sounded like a Bagpuss on valium but when I did eventually get to meet up with her she turned out to be more of a Pussy Galore!! I guess you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but a voice can tell you a lot so just be careful.
  2. If you do get to the point where you are about to meet up with them then please be sensible about it – don’t arrange to meet them in your local park at 3am in the morning you know what I mean! Tell a friend where you are going and make sure you meet them in a public place at a sensible time of day. I find meeting somewhere where there is a back exit is always handy for those stealth exits if things aren’t going so well.
  3. Don’t give out your personal information on the chatline. Ever! So when someone asks that ‘they would like to get to know you a lot better and could they have your mobile number, account number and sort code’ please don’t give it to them. I guess at some point when you do meet up with them there will be a point when you have to give them some personal information so until then please keep radio silence.
  4. Set up a personal mailbox so people can leave you messages when you are not online. It’s easy to do and you get your own pin and account number so you can access it any time. See easy this isn’t it.
  5. Record a good introduction message about yourself and try to sound normal. If you don’t normally sound normal than at least try to be sincere in your message. Oh and try not sound too desperate – always a turn off.
  6. Too shy to speak to people direct? Then send a message first or even try a text chat service. So many people these days text more than they talk on the phone so why not try a text dating service.
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words. So why not upload a picture of yourself so interested parties can download it and check you out. Again try to look normal and please keep them clean otherwise they won’t get pass the moderation team.
  8. If someone is being down right nasty, obscene or rude on the service then report them to the moderators and bar them from contacting you. Most of the people on the service are there for the same reasons as you – to chat and have some fun but I am afraid you do get the occasional ‘pond life’ that wanders on to the line.
  9. If you call the service a lot then you might want to try setting up a credit card account which will allow you to call the service at a cheaper rate so you’ll get more time to chat and play.
  10. Remember to have fun and enjoy it. A phone chatline can be fun and trying to date shouldn’t turn into a chore. Chat and be yourself and this could help you find that extra special person.

So if these tips are helpful for you, start dating on the Chat2Date chatline today!