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Meet New People: Chat and Date On Your Phone

Woman sitting in cafe laughing whilst talking on mobile phone

In the twenty first century it’s never been so easy to meet new people.

Gone are the days of going down the pub and meeting people. Now you can meet people online in chartrooms, virtual cities, dating sites, on your mobile, by text message or simply dial in to chat on your phone.

The beauty about phone chat with real people is that it allows you to tap in the ancient art of actually chatting to someone. Okay, it’s not in person but it’s still real and you can hear their voice and tone. Not a ‘like’, ‘poke’ or ‘send’ button in sight. Meeting new people on the phone is still one of the easiest and cheapest ways to introduce yourself to new singles without leaving your house. Just call into the access number and start chatting with genuine people.

So you call in to the service and pick some people you want to chat with….now what do you talk about? You need to make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable just like in a face to face conversation. You’ve probably picked a profile that you are interested in dating wise so you’ll want to ask all the normal questions to find out more about them. Steer clear of cheesy lines which are a lot harder to pull off on the phone than in person. If you’re stuck then about subjects or reach the dreaded silence on the phone then think about recent news topics…’Have you seen the new summer block buster’…’what do you think England’s chances are in the Euros’…etc… you should be able to gage within the first 15 minutes whether you gel or not. You can’t always be lucky and find someone you get along with so try try again.

The best thing about our phone line is that no matter what time it is there is always hundreds of people on the line to talk to so the odds of meeting someone you get on with are high. Work a late night shift and want to chat to someone in the early hours then just pick up your phone and get chatting. There will always be someone on the line.

To try out our Chat2Date phone chat service just visit our site and call the 0871 number. Go on give it a try and meet someone new today!