5 Signs That Prove You’re Ready For A Relationship

A love relationship is a major commitment that impacts on your whole life. Are you ready for a relationship! It requires equal measures of putting in effort, good communication and compromise. If you’re single and thinking about taking the plunge into the dating pool, chatting and flirting with thousands of people just like you, on the UK’s favourite chat line, is a great place to start your search for your perfect love match.

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  1. You’re Not Looking For Someone To ‘Complete’ You

You know you’re probably ready to end your single days when you feel content just as you are. You don’t need a romantic partner to be ‘complete’ you because you already have all the self-love that you require. Feel comfortable in your skin and have embraced your imperfections and flaws, and you love spending time in your own company. For you, a relationship offers an opportunity to share your love and world with someone wonderful who reciprocates.

If you’re deeply longing for a romantic partner as a means to escape loneliness, you’re not ready to make the commitment that a successful relationship requires. Chatting to like-minded singles on our private, discreet and totally anonymous phone chat service will fill your companionship void and prep you for potential romance when you’re ready.

  1. You’re Emotional Baggage Free

All adults that have dated, had a romantic relationship, or have been married or divorced will have emotional baggage as a souvenir of the experience. If you’re weighed down by insecurities, and lack self-confidence and/or self-esteem, you’re really not in the best shape to begin a new relationship.

It’s essential to leave your exes in the past, and to let go of thoughts of ‘what might have been’, if you want to find new love. You’ll also need to do the inner work, and to release emotional baggage. Once you’re free of the past you can move forwards towards dating and commitment.

  1. You Understand The Importance Of Give And Take

If you’ve been single for a while chances are that you’ve developed a few habits that could compromise a new love relationship. Be honest with yourself about how flexible you are with your time, energy and personal and social commitments. For a connection to blossom into a relationship, you need to get the balance right, and to build a strong foundation that is based on reciprocity and good communication.

It’s important to learn how to communicate effectively, and to express your feelings and emotions. If you have a protective wall around your heart, the emotions that are often openly expressed in a relationship will make you want to reinforce your barriers. Chatting and texting with other singles is an excellent way to practice give and take, and to gradually start taking down the wall around your heart, one brick at a time.

  1. Your Heart Is Open

Ask yourself how you feel about the prospect of sharing yourself and your life with someone else. If you’re ready to find love, your open heart will swell and open wider at the thought, and you’ll experience a pleasing warm sensation and excitement.

If the idea of a relationship makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, your heart will feel tight and small. It’s telling you that you have emotional baggage to dump before you can unlock it to be ready to love.

  1. You’re Happy And You Know It

The secret to relationship success is to be happy just as you are, right this moment, in your life. If you can find inner peace regardless of chaos going on around you, you’ve achieved the level of serenity and harmony that will benefit all of your relationships – both romantic and platonic.

Up your happy quota by chatting with friendly Chat2Date members and have fun flirting, dating and getting to know each other. The happier you feel, the closer you are to being totally ready for the love relationship of your dreams.