How To Celebrate Christmas Alone

It’s estimated that more than a quarter of people in the UK do not celebrate Christmas in the company of loved ones. If you’re spending the 2022 festive season alone, by choice or circumstance, it doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

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You don’t need to be surrounded by people to feel the spirit of Christmas. Shifting your perspective on how Xmas is ‘supposed to be’ will have a positive impact on your state of mind. It will also enhance your enjoyment of the most magical time of the year.

Appreciate The Solitude

It can feel a little strange to wake up on Christmas Day morning to an absence of people. A lack of pressing reasons that usually get you out of bed on any other day. To help you appreciate how lucky you are, to have an opportunity to celebrate Christmas alone this year, take a moment to reflect.

Close your eyes and tune into the intensified sounds all around you. Soak up the serene and soothing calmness.

Begin your day at a leisurely pace, mindfully appreciating everything that you do.

Instead of doing chores without pausing to give them a second thought – as you usually do – fully focus your attention on them.

Notice the sounds all around, as you pour yourself a cup of tea and settle into celebrating Christmas alone.

Wrap up warm and take a walk around your neighbourhood. If you have access to a local beauty spot, visit it and enjoy the best views all to yourself. You can also snap the best selfies too!

Do What You Love

For most people, Christmas Day is all about following tradition. This can often mean doing things that feel like a duty, rather than what you really want to do – ie: visiting relatives, eating a turkey dinner, and watching other people’s favourite shows on TV.

Consider how lucky you are to be able to do whatever you love, on Christmas Day!

You can pre-plan a list of enjoyable fun activities that will be effective in distracting you from dwelling on loneliness. Your list can include: watching your favourite Christmas movie, or indulging in binging the latest must-watch show; spending unlimited time on your hobbies, or learning a new skill, like cooking/baking, cocktail making, photography, art or music.

Or perhaps your ‘perfect solo Xmas involves lots of pampering and lounging around.

If you need some help to get into a Christmassy mood, put on some Xmas tunes and decorate your living room with festive fairy lights and tinsel. You don’t have to go all out with a Christmas tree, unless you want to, of course. After all, you are the Boss of Everything on Xmas Day 2022.

Enjoy The Best Christmas Day Lunch

When you’re celebrating Xmas on your own, you get to decide exactly what you’d like to eat and drink. If you’ve never been keen on the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, with Christmas pudding for afters, swap it for your all-time favourite menu.

Treat yourself by setting the table with your finest crockery and cutlery, and dishing up whatever you fancy. Beans on toast, sausage and mash, pizza, or a tasty alternative roast are all perfectly acceptable choices, when you’re celebrating alone.

Celebrate Online

If you do want some company, there’s a virtual Christmas party going on at Chat2Date. Login in and send a cheery Merry Christmas message to everyone online.

If you’ve been flirting and chatting with new friends, in the lead up to the festive season, you can plan to meet up on a virtual Christmas Day date at a pre-arranged time.

Surprise A Stranger

Helping others is a great way to help yourself. During the season of goodwill, donate your time and energy to lending a hand in your community, or helping someone less fortunate. If you have an elderly neighbour who is on their own, pay them a visit and accept an invitation to chat over a cup of coffee.

You may also feel inspired to perform a random act of kindness that benefits a stranger. It’s a lovely idea to buy a small gift, like chocolate or a book (that is suitable for anyone) and to gift wrap it and give it to a stranger. On a walk through your neighbourhood on Christmas Eve, look out for someone who looks lonely or could do with cheering up. Wish them Merry Christmas, as you hand them the surprise gift.

Alternatively, you could leave the gift somewhere it can easily be found – like on a park bench, or at a bus stop. Remember to write a message on the tag, to let them know they have not been forgotten by the spirit of Christmas. Knowing that someone is benefitting from your kindness and generosity will give you a warm glow, and make you feel connected to everyone.