The Top 3 Rules Of Casual Dating

a couple casual datingCasual dating offers you the freedom to date whomever you like, whenever you want some company. It’s the ideal dating option, if you’re looking to have fun exploring connections without feeling pressured to commit.

Casual dating benefits

When you’re freshly out of a romantic relationship, it’s a good idea to pause and consider your options before you take a chance on dating that can lead to something serious. On Chat2Date, you can chat, flirt and arrange to meet anyone you fancy without forming any emotional attachment.

After a breakup or a lengthy period of being single, it’s common to find that your emotional wants and needs have changed. Casual dating allows you to take things slow, or to indulge your hedonistic desires, before you commit to someone new for the long-term.

It’s important to remember that there’s a big difference between casual dating and serious dating. Our top 3 rules of casual dating provide an excellent guide that will help you get the most from the exciting adult-fun experience…

Rule 1: Be honest

On the dating scene, not everyone shares the same interest or intent. There are hopeless romantics perpetually seeking the One, committed players solely looking for NSA sexual liaisons, and down-to-earth guys and girls what simply have no idea of what they want in a love connection.

Many happy and confirmed casual daters who have no intention of ever committing to a special someone. There are also serial daters who love nothing more than hooking up with the Mr or Ms Right-For-Now, before moving on to the next heartthrob that piques their interest.

To avoid unnecessary disappointment or potential heartache, it’s important to understand the dynamics of your dating choices. When you’re honest and up-front about your casual dating approach, you’ll waste less time chatting and flirting with potential partners that don’t share your point of view. If you don’t want to be accused of playing games, it’s crucial to let your person of interest know that you’re only entertaining connections that are strictly NSA.

On Chat2Date you can connect with like-minded people from all over the UK, and easily find someone who shares your casual dating preferences. As adults, you can both decide whether the flirting banter leads to a date and sexual intimacy, or if it remains a platonic connection that’s perfect for mutually practicing your flirting techniques.

Rule 2: Be friendly

Just because you’re not looking for your perfect match and happy-ever-after love relationship, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be respectful and friendly when chatting and flirting with strangers. Casual dating gives you unlimited opportunities to meet lots of new people, and also the potential to hook up for intimate encounters that have zero strings attached.

Whether you’re chatting and flirting online, or socialising in person, it’s important to keep the conversation light to begin with. It’s never a good idea to skip the polite intro and open questions of good social etiquette just because you’re hot and horny and keen to hook up for sex. Always be friendly and show interest in the person you fancy by asking how their day went, and things that give you insight into their likes and dislikes.

While you may not have any interest in seeing someone beyond a first date, having a friendly approach will ensure that the experience of an interaction or hot date with you leaves the other person with a good memory or a favourable view.

Rule 3: Be open-minded

Having an open-minded approach to dating means that you don’t have unrealistic expectations on a date. Unlike the people who tend to date one person at a time and form an attachment way too soon, the casual dater who keeps their options open increases the chances of getting what they want in the long run.

With an open-minded point of view, you’ll feel more comfortable exploring your sexuality and perhaps even dating people who aren’t your usual type. Casual dating has a lot to offer anyone who’s willing to open their mind to trying something new.

On Chat2Date, you can connect with like-minded women and men who share your jaded romantic perspective, and that are equally keen to explore more exciting possibilities. When there are no-strings attached, you can play out your wildest fantasies and get to know yourself on a deeper level. As a free and single person, you don’t have to feel guilty about giving into temptation, or hooking up for a threesome or a one-night stand.

If you follow the top 3 rules, you’ll soon discover that casual dating can work wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as your libido.