5 Signs Your Single Days Are Over

Being single has many positive benefits. You have total freedom to live by your own rules, and to do whatever you want. You can enjoy flirting and chatting to other singles on Chat2Date – the UK’s busiest phone chat line – date whomever takes your fancy, and try new, fun experiences.

Some people who’ve been single for a while accept that being part of a couple may not be an experience that’s right for them. If you’re single and open to finding love and romance, it’s essential that you’re ready to be in a relationship before you start looking for the One.

Your single days are numbered, when you can confidently tick off these 5 signs:

  1. You’re Happy Being You

While it’s common to think that you need someone in your life before you can be truly happy, it’s actually a false belief. Only you have the key to finding happiness.

Being single gives you the space and opportunity to explore who you really are, what makes you feel fulfilled, and to find inner peace. Yes, sometimes you may feel lonely, but the experience can teach you a lot about yourself. The single life will also help you heal past hurts, let go of limiting beliefs, and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Once you’re comfortable being authentically you, your heart will begin opening up to connecting with someone who complements you. If you can honestly say that you’re happy with or without a relationship, your single days are limited. Being happy being you is a clear sign that you’re ready to start a new, exciting chapter in your love life.

  1. You’ve Befriended Loneliness

Being lonely and alone are two different things. It’s possible to be surrounded by family, friends and other people and to feel deeply lonely. While alone time can feel isolating, sad or depressing, it can also provide a welcome chance for you to get to know the real you.

When you make friends with loneliness, you can spend endless time by yourself and feel content in your own space. You don’t feel uneasy or anxious about being alone. You relish every moment that you’re able to enjoy quality time to do as you please.

As you value and appreciate time by yourself, you’ll no longer need to be around people simply to avoid feeling lonely. You’ll also discover that you’re more discerning about the company that you keep. The discernment will empower you to choose a future partner more wisely, instead of settling for just anyone.

  1. You’re At Peace With The Past

When you’re at peace with the past you no longer have issues and hang-ups to take into a new relationship. Time enjoying the single life offers you unlimited opportunities to focus on the inner work of letting go of core issues, negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour, feelings of guilt and other insecurities.

You’ll no longer daydream about getting back with an ex, or harbouring regrets. You’ll be able to recall the past and feel completely at peace. The work you’ve done with yourself makes you emotionally stable and available to attract a healthy relationship and unconditional love.

  1. You Have A New Outlook

Another sign that proves your single days are at an end is having a new outlook on life. Because you’re no longer burdened with emotional baggage, insecurity issues or the fear of loneliness. You naturally develop a glowing aura and a spring in your step.

You feel energised and reconnected to the abundance of the Universe, and are now aligned with positive experiences and people who match your upbeat vibe. Your new outlook makes you the priority in your life, and won’t allow you to settle for second best in anything.

You’ll know that you’re ready for love when you’ve stopped actively pursuing it. Instead, you’re satisfied focusing on following your passions and learning new things that enrich your life. Your positive new outlook is what others will find magnetically attractive.

  1. You Love You

Practicing self-love is key to becoming the best version of you. It enables you to forgive yourself, to learn acceptance, and to transform your insecurities into inner strength, in preparation for a new relationship.

Unless you deeply love and respect yourself, you’re likely to attract a relationship that is not meant to last. You may even find yourself stuck in a cycle of dates that never move beyond the first.

Date yourself first, and enjoy the experience. Spending time chatting to sexy strangers on Chat2Date s a great way to check if you’re ready for a relationship. Your natural magnetism will attract positive interactions that will boost your self-confidence. Knowing that you’re a great catch is the ultimate sign that you’ll soon be saying goodbye to your single days.