How To Attract Quality Dates

Attract quality datesTo maximise the chances of your dating experience being positive, it’s vital that you learn how to attract quality dates. Regardless of whether you’re someone who is looking for long-term love and romance, or to have some NSA fun, you’ll undoubtedly wish to attract people who are friendly, upbeat and good company, to make dating an enjoyable experience.

On Chat2Date, the UK’s busiest chat line, you can easily connect and flirt with guys and girls nationwide. You can also take your pick of hot singles to chat up, and arrange to date the best of the bunch.

You have the power to create a better dating experience. If you’re tired of going on dates that are lacklustre, or you’re stuck in a one-date cycle, just follow our steps to attracting quality dates that far exceed your expectations and dating success…

Define quality

Before you can attract quality dates, it makes total sense to get clear on what ‘quality’ means to you.

For most people who are into dating, ‘quality’ is synonymous with establishing rapport and chemistry. Feeling comfortable in the connection also means that you’re much more likely to have fun and an enjoyable experience.

The ‘quality’ definition generally has little to do with physical good looks. It’s more of a match for a combination of personality, sense of humour, kindness, compassion, honesty and intelligence. This quality combo is especially important if you’re keen to attract someone who is potentially marriage material.

Be yourself

To attract quality dates, it’s essential that you take ownership of your masculine and feminine energies. As everyone has a mix of both energies, it’s crucial to bring them into balance and to express yourself authentically.

If you’re a sassy lady who tends to take on a masculine role – to get things done or to ooze more confidence – you’ll need to tune into your feminine essence, if you want to attract quality dates with guys who treat you like a goddess.

If you’re a smooth talking guy that’s proud to always take the lead, it can be beneficial to tweak your rugged manliness, if you want to attract quality dates with women who are your ideal match. Being too macho may keep you in a cycle of attracting drop-dead gorgeous girls that lack personality or substance.

Focus of being the best version of you, and practice your flirting techniques on Chat2Date. As you become more comfortable being yourself, you’ll notice that the quality of the interactions that you have on the 24 hours a day phone chat line dramatically improves.

Set higher standards

You’ll also need to raise your standards, if you’re serious about attracting quality dates. To attract a partner who accepts, respects and values you, it’s important to set healthy boundaries and higher standards for the way that you want to be treated.

Once standards are set, you’ll need to pay attention to how folk treat you, if you want to avoid making compromises that impact on the quality of a connection or relationship.

Stay true to yourself, and don’t allow anyone to devalue you. If you don’t feel good about the way someone treats you, speak up and let them know that you have higher standards. Anyone who’s not willing to put in the effort to match your level really isn’t worth having around.

Control the pace

Having higher standards and being yourself will boost your self-esteem and confidence, and make you feel comfortable about controlling the pace of the connection. When you know what you want from the dating experience, there’s no pressure to do things that you don’t want to do.

Setting the pace allows you to fully explore a connection that you make on a quality date, without feeling rushed to have sex before you’re ready to get intimate.

When you meet ‘a catch’, on a high quality date, they’ll understand that it’s important to you to feel emotionally connected to someone before you express yourself sexually. They’ll also feel comfortable about you taking the lead in whatever direction you want the quality connection to go.


The Top 3 Rules Of Casual Dating

Casual dating offers you the freedom to date whomever you like, whenever you want some company. It’s the ideal dating option, if you’re looking to have fun exploring connections without feeling pressured to commit.

Casual dating benefits

When you’re freshly out of a romantic relationship, it’s a good idea to pause and consider your options before you take a chance on dating that can lead to something serious. On Chat2Date, you can chat, flirt and arrange to meet anyone you fancy without forming any emotional attachment.

After a breakup or a lengthy period of being single, it’s common to find that your emotional wants and needs have changed. Casual dating allows you to take things slow, or to indulge your hedonistic desires, before you commit to someone new for the long-term.

It’s important to remember that there’s a big difference between casual dating and serious dating. Our top 3 rules of casual dating provide an excellent guide that will help you get the most from the exciting adult-fun experience…

Rule 1: Be honest

On the dating scene, not everyone shares the same interest or intent. There are hopeless romantics perpetually seeking the One, committed players solely looking for NSA sexual liaisons, and down-to-earth guys and girls what simply have no idea of what they want in a love connection.

Many happy and confirmed casual daters who have no intention of ever committing to a special someone. There are also serial daters who love nothing more than hooking up with the Mr or Ms Right-For-Now, before moving on to the next heartthrob that piques their interest.

To avoid unnecessary disappointment or potential heartache, it’s important to understand the dynamics of your dating choices. When you’re honest and up-front about your casual dating approach, you’ll waste less time chatting and flirting with potential partners that don’t share your point of view. If you don’t want to be accused of playing games, it’s crucial to let your person of interest know that you’re only entertaining connections that are strictly NSA.

On Chat2Date you can connect with like-minded people from all over the UK, and easily find someone who shares your casual dating preferences. As adults, you can both decide whether the flirting banter leads to a date and sexual intimacy, or if it remains a platonic connection that’s perfect for mutually practicing your flirting techniques.

Rule 2: Be friendly

Just because you’re not looking for your perfect match and happy-ever-after love relationship, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be respectful and friendly when chatting and flirting with strangers. Casual dating gives you unlimited opportunities to meet lots of new people, and also the potential to hook up for intimate encounters that have zero strings attached.

Whether you’re chatting and flirting online, or socialising in person, it’s important to keep the conversation light to begin with. It’s never a good idea to skip the polite intro and open questions of good social etiquette just because you’re hot and horny and keen to hook up for sex. Always be friendly and show interest in the person you fancy by asking how their day went, and things that give you insight into their likes and dislikes.

While you may not have any interest in seeing someone beyond a first date, having a friendly approach will ensure that the experience of an interaction or hot date with you leaves the other person with a good memory or a favourable view.

Rule 3: Be open-minded

Having an open-minded approach to dating means that you don’t have unrealistic expectations on a date. Unlike the people who tend to date one person at a time and form an attachment way too soon, the casual dater who keeps their options open increases the chances of getting what they want in the long run.

With an open-minded point of view, you’ll feel more comfortable exploring your sexuality and perhaps even dating people who aren’t your usual type. Casual dating has a lot to offer anyone who’s willing to open their mind to trying something new.

On Chat2Date, you can connect with like-minded women and men who share your jaded romantic perspective, and that are equally keen to explore more exciting possibilities. When there are no-strings attached, you can play out your wildest fantasies and get to know yourself on a deeper level. As a free and single person, you don’t have to feel guilty about giving into temptation, or hooking up for a threesome or a one-night stand.

If you follow the top 3 rules, you’ll soon discover that casual dating can work wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as your libido.


7 Brilliant Questions To Ask On A First Date

A first date is an opportunity to have a fun experience with a stranger. But it can also be exciting, nerve-wracking or a total disaster. Here are 7 brilliant questions to ask on a first date.

When you’re getting to know someone you have a crush on, it can be tricky knowing how to get the conversation started, and to how to keep it interesting and light-hearted so that you both enjoy the date experience.

On Chat2Date, you can have tons of practice chatting and flirting with friendly folk in a totally anonymous way. Should you happen to connect with someone who piques your interest, you can send flirty messages online or via SMS chat, and arrange to meet in person on a hot date.

These 7 brilliant questions are guaranteed to encourage great first date conversation, to identify compatibility, and to help you gauge more quickly if you have a connection that’s worth exploring more deeply.

  1. “How would your closest friend describe you?”

To get a feel for the role that your date plays in their closest friendship and social circles, ask them to tell you about how others would describe them. Their reply will give you an idea of their own perception of their personality.

The answer to this question also offers an invitation to explore their most important connections – like parents, siblings and BFFs. Paying attention to how they talk about other people will additionally give you an insight into their character.

  1. “What makes you unique?”

One of the easiest ways to connect with someone new is to get them talking about themselves. When they mention a hot topic, like their favourite movies, music, books or sports, you can easily establish a bond by sharing your own likes and dislikes.

You can also be cheeky and ask them to share a secret about themselves that they haven’t told anyone else. Or to tell you about a special talent or skill that they have.

  1. “What matters to you?”

Avoiding asking questions that are too specific – “what are your hobbies?” – or predictable – “where have you been on holiday?” – will make your conversation much more fun and interesting.

Asking a question about what they’re really invested in is a great way to discover what your date values and is passionate about, and if they share your ideals, principles and virtues. Besides learning what they value the most in the world, you’ll have an opportunity to experience a magical moment, when you catch a glimpse of light in their eyes as they share info about the people and things that are truly meaningful to them.

A date who values possessions over personal connections is likely to be a materialistic type, and therefore not your potential perfect partner, if you’re someone who cherishes relationships the most.

  1. “Where is your favourite place on the planet?”

To discover what kind of setting makes your date feel most comfortable and at ease, ask them to tell you about their ‘happy place’.

If they love to travel, their favourite place could be a vacation destination that inspires them to tell you stories about their adventures. If their happy place is somewhere closer to home, like a secret location where they go to unwind, relax and escape the world, you could learn about their life story and how they came to discover the special retreat.

  1. “Would you rather…”

While it’s great to ask your date some icebreaker questions that elicit deeper responses than superficial surface level chitchat replies, it’s also worth throwing in a few silly ones too…

You can have a lot of fun asking “Would you rather…?” questions about absolutely anything.

Start off by asking a few questions that are easy to answer…

“Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains?”

“Would you rather only drink coffee/tea or cocktails for the rest of your life?”

Next, get them thinking by asking some thought-provoking questions like…

“Would you rather be happy, wealthy, or healthy?”

“Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase filled with £1,000000?”

And just for laughs…

“Would you rather have skin that changes colour with your emotions or tattoos that appear all over your body whenever you tell a lie?”

“Would you rather have massive hands or gigantic feet?”

These random questions will highlight their sense of humour and potential compatibility.

  1. “What’s on your bucket list?”

Most people have a bucket list of things they would love to do and places they want to visit. Asking your date what’s on their list is an excellent way to find out what you have in common.

  1. “What was your first impression of me?”

Once you’re relaxed in each other’s company, you can ask a question that’s more personal.

The way in which your date describes you will help you get a sense of how much they’re into you. If the description is a good fit for your personality, or they’ve correctly gauged your sense of humour, interests and passions, you could be onto a good thing.

If their description is way off the mark, you can either share more about yourself, or cut loose. Someone who’s not paying you attention on a first date is unlikely to make much of an effort at any other time.

You can also give your date an opportunity to ask you any random question that they like, so that you can explore their emotional intelligence. If they don’t know what to ask you, it’s probably best to end the date and move on.





5 Ways To Make A Great First Impression

If you’re hoping that the flirty banter that you’re currently enjoying with a sexy stranger on Chat2Date – the UK’s busiest phone chat line – leads to a hot date, it’s crucial that you know how to make a positive and lasting great first impression.

A great first impression counts whether you’re dating a crush, interviewing for a job, or meeting new people. How you come across in the first 30 seconds of an encounter sets the pace and scene for how things progress and develop between you. You have less than half a minute to dazzle with your personality, charisma and intelligence.

Even though time is limited, there’s no need to break into a cold sweat to impress someone, when you know all about the 5 ways to make a great first impression…

  1. Prioritise punctuality

When you’re meeting someone in person for the first time, it’s absolutely essential that you are punctual.

Arriving 15 minutes before your agreed time is sufficient for you to get comfortable at the chosen venue, and to make sure that you look and feel your best. Arriving any earlier may make you feel anxious while you watch the clock.

If you’ve agreed to catch up online at a particular time, don’t be tardy with your timekeeping. Being late could present your crush with an opportunity to chat and get to know someone else.

  1. Polish your social skills

Social skills incorporate the ability to communicate effectively, to actively listen, and to show empathy and respect. Mastering these valuable life skills will boost your self-confidence, and enable you to create an impression that’s always positive and well received.

When meeting someone for the first time, relax and smile warmly, and confidently extend your hand for a firm handshake.

Use a simple introduction like: “Hi, I’m ________. It’s great to meet you”.

Speak slowly and clearly, and use your listening skills so that you can easily recall the other person’s name during later conversation.

  1. Make eye contact

Eye contact conveys confidence, and a sense of interest. When you meet someone for the first time, it’s a good idea to use the powerful technique during the introduction handshake, and whilst you engage in warm and friendly conversation.

For eye contact to feel comfortable, it should be fleeting. Holding a gaze for longer than a few seconds, or staring, will have the opposite affect of what you’re hoping to achieve.

  1. Use body language tricks

It’s estimated that 60-90% of our communication with others is nonverbal. Within the first few minutes of meeting someone, your body language is doing all the talking. Unbeknown to you, your body is constantly offering clues of your credibility and intentions.

On a hot date, non-verbal communication can make or break what could potentially be a great relationship. To ensure that your body language doesn’t let you down, start by adjusting your posture…

Your back should be straight but not rigid, with shoulders relaxed.

Next, align your body with the person you’re talking to.

If you’re seated, avoid crossing your legs, but do lean in slightly to show interest.

Mirror the body language that you’re observing, so that the other person feels relaxed in your company.

Using hand gestures is acceptable, provided that they improve your thinking process.

Show that you’re paying attention, by offering appropriate nods and a genuine smile.

  1. Show off your authenticity

It’s perfectly normal to feel slightly anxious before meeting someone new. If you want to make a good impression, it’s always best to be authentic. This means owning up to how you’re feeling.

Even if your acting skills are top notch, never try to impress by pretending to be someone you’re not. Relax and just be yourself. Imagine that you’re meeting with a good friend, and allow your engaging personality to do most of the work.

If you’re feeling ultra nervous about creating the right impression on a date, it’s helpful to run through the meeting scenario with a trusted buddy beforehand, until you feel relaxed and at ease. Ask your friend for honest and to offer constructive feedback, so that you know what you need to tweak to make a great first impression.


5 Signs Your Single Days Are Over

Being single has many positive benefits. You have total freedom to live by your own rules, and to do whatever you want. You can enjoy flirting and chatting to other singles on Chat2Date – the UK’s busiest phone chat line – date whomever takes your fancy, and try new, fun experiences.

Some people who’ve been single for a while accept that being part of a couple may not be an experience that’s right for them. If you’re single and open to finding love and romance, it’s essential that you’re ready to be in a relationship before you start looking for the One.

Your single days are numbered, when you can confidently tick off these 5 signs:

  1. You’re Happy Being You

While it’s common to think that you need someone in your life before you can be truly happy, it’s actually a false belief. Only you have the key to finding happiness.

Being single gives you the space and opportunity to explore who you really are, what makes you feel fulfilled, and to find inner peace. Yes, sometimes you may feel lonely, but the experience can teach you a lot about yourself. The single life will also help you heal past hurts, let go of limiting beliefs, and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Once you’re comfortable being authentically you, your heart will begin opening up to connecting with someone who complements you. If you can honestly say that you’re happy with or without a relationship, your single days are limited. Being happy being you is a clear sign that you’re ready to start a new, exciting chapter in your love life.

  1. You’ve Befriended Loneliness

Being lonely and alone are two different things. It’s possible to be surrounded by family, friends and other people and to feel deeply lonely. While alone time can feel isolating, sad or depressing, it can also provide a welcome chance for you to get to know the real you.

When you make friends with loneliness, you can spend endless time by yourself and feel content in your own space. You don’t feel uneasy or anxious about being alone. You relish every moment that you’re able to enjoy quality time to do as you please.

As you value and appreciate time by yourself, you’ll no longer need to be around people simply to avoid feeling lonely. You’ll also discover that you’re more discerning about the company that you keep. The discernment will empower you to choose a future partner more wisely, instead of settling for just anyone.

  1. You’re At Peace With The Past

When you’re at peace with the past you no longer have issues and hang-ups to take into a new relationship. Time enjoying the single life offers you unlimited opportunities to focus on the inner work of letting go of core issues, negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour, feelings of guilt and other insecurities.

You’ll no longer daydream about getting back with an ex, or harbouring regrets. You’ll be able to recall the past and feel completely at peace. The work you’ve done with yourself makes you emotionally stable and available to attract a healthy relationship and unconditional love.

  1. You Have A New Outlook

Another sign that proves your single days are at an end is having a new outlook on life. Because you’re no longer burdened with emotional baggage, insecurity issues or the fear of loneliness. You naturally develop a glowing aura and a spring in your step.

You feel energised and reconnected to the abundance of the Universe, and are now aligned with positive experiences and people who match your upbeat vibe. Your new outlook makes you the priority in your life, and won’t allow you to settle for second best in anything.

You’ll know that you’re ready for love when you’ve stopped actively pursuing it. Instead, you’re satisfied focusing on following your passions and learning new things that enrich your life. Your positive new outlook is what others will find magnetically attractive.

  1. You Love You

Practicing self-love is key to becoming the best version of you. It enables you to forgive yourself, to learn acceptance, and to transform your insecurities into inner strength, in preparation for a new relationship.

Unless you deeply love and respect yourself, you’re likely to attract a relationship that is not meant to last. You may even find yourself stuck in a cycle of dates that never move beyond the first.

Date yourself first, and enjoy the experience. Spending time chatting to sexy strangers on Chat2Date s a great way to check if you’re ready for a relationship. Your natural magnetism will attract positive interactions that will boost your self-confidence. Knowing that you’re a great catch is the ultimate sign that you’ll soon be saying goodbye to your single days.


Top 5 Law Of Attraction Love Tips

People who are ready for love in their life have a number of options available to help them find it. Many go chasing after it by exploring every possible avenue that can potentially lead them to a match, even it it’s toxic. Some choose to try their luck on dating sites and apps, and may even consider signing up to a matchmaking service.

If you’re someone who has tried and tested just about everything, but you’re still single, don’t give up just yet… The Law of Attraction can help you to manifest love and romance – provided that you do it right.

For the powerful self-help technique to work for you, it’s essential that you change your mindset, and make a few adjustments to your energy and actions. When you do these things, you’ll begin to see the LOA working like magic in your life. You could even find that your perfect love match is the crush you’re flirting with on Chat2Date – the UK’s busiest phone chat line service!

  1. Stop Wanting

The fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction involves focusing on what you want, and attracting a desire that’s in perfect alignment with your own energetic vibration. If you’re low vibe and lack self-esteem and self-confidence, you’ll attract someone that’s a match.

Many people misuse the manifestation technique because they want something desperately, but are not prepared to make the personal changes required to get it. If you put all of your energy and attention into focusing on why you want to manifest a partner – you don’t want to be single, lonely or left on the shelf – you’ll simply attract more of the same – singledom, loneliness and desperation.

No matter how badly you desire a lover, it’s crucial that you stop wanting them, because you don’t like being single. Your focus must be on the experiences that you want – love, romance and companionship.

  1. Start Practicing Self-Love

The journey through personal transformation is mandatory, if you want to be successful at manifesting love with the Law of Attraction. You must prioritise self-love, over pleasing others and putting your own needs last on the to-do list of chores.

Starting a positive daily practice of self-love is hugely beneficial, regardless of whether you’re using LOA techniques to manifest a soulmate or you’re just busy living life. Stop being self-critical of your appearance and everything you do, and start noticing how awesome you are. Swap negative self-talk for words of praise, and adopt habits that boost your wellbeing. It’s also worthwhile paying attention to how you relate to people in your life, and adjusting your behaviour accordingly.

Your self-love practice should benefit your mind, body and spirit, and help to transform you into a better version of you.

  1. Fill The Void

When you believe that something is missing in your life, it can feel like you’re living in a void and that every day is empty or meaningless. The more you focus on the lack, the longer you’ll stay stuck in a cycle of repetitive negative behaviours. Before the Universe can deliver your manifestation request, you’re going to have to break the cycle and fill the void yourself.

Your self-love practice will gradually help to change your perception, and expectations. Every day, look for things that you’re grateful for… a great cup of coffee, finding the perfect parking spot, and receiving compliments from flirty strangers on Chat2Date, can all contribute to filling your void with positivity.

  1. Visualise Your Desires

With a new gratitude attitude, and positive outlook, you’re perfectly primed to take the next step in using LOA to manifest a partner.

Meditate or daydream about what your life will be like once you meet your love match. Visualise your deal partner in your mind, and think about their qualities, values and characteristics, and how they complement yours. Lose yourself in the moment, and play out imaginary scenarios that give you an opportunity to experience an intense feeling of love, joy and bliss.

  1. Request & Surrender

When you feel ready to officially give the Universe your Law of Attraction love manifestation request, write down what you want in detail. Close your eyes and visualise your desires once more. Take a moment to bring up that intense ‘feeling’ that made you deliriously happy.

Put out your request to the Universe…and let it go.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll instantly cross paths with the love of your life, it’s important to be open and optimistic. Wanting something ‘too hard’ or impatiently will lower your positive high vibe, so resist the urge to ask multiple times. Keep your focus on maintaining an attitude of gratitude and you won’t go wrong.

You only need to put out a LOA manifestation request once. It’ll be delivered just as soon as your vibration aligns with the vibe of what you want.

In the meantime, have fun following your passions and doing things that you love, connecting to like-minded, open and friendly people on Chat2Date, and generally enjoying life. Every positive little thing that you do helps to keep your vibe high and brings your love manifestation closer. It also builds a strong emotional foundation on which you can enjoy a beautiful harmonious and loving relationship in the not-so-distant future.






How To Write The Best Dating Profile

There’s a big difference between a good and a bad dating profile, and the level of dating success that they can help you achieve.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an award-winning wordsmith to write the best dating profile. With attention to detail and a few tweaks, it’s possible to create a great profile that gets you noticed, and increases your chances of dates, on Chat2date or dating apps.

Check Out The Competition

On the UK’s busiest phone chat line, Chat2date, you can easily connect with guys and girls nationwide. To stand out from the crowd, it’s a good idea to do some research before writing your dating profile.

Before you start browsing profiles of potential dating candidates, it’s essential that you check out your competition.

Imagine that you’re the opposite sex looking for someone hot to date… Take notes on profile presentation and the type of photos displayed. Remember that to write the best dating profile, you need to show off how unique and special you are.

Be Honest & Modest

The quickest way to dating disaster is to disappoint your POI when you finally meet them on a first date. If you’re honest, and modest with it, there’s less reason for a date to fail.

To make a good first impression, it’s crucial that you write information on your dating profile that is genuine and real. Be honest about yourself, what you love to do, and what’s important to you. It’s perfectly ok to admit that you’re intelligent, sassy, quirky, geeky, witty, and not perfect. Oh, and don’t lie about your age!

Be honest about your personal achievements, but be careful not to big yourself up too much. No one loves a boastful person. Write about your ambitions in life, and your guilty pleasures in an honest and engaging way.

The best dating profile is a mix of your personality and lifestyle, coupled with information about what you’re seeking. It should be written like you’re talking to a friend, but without any slang or txt spk.

Avoid Clichés

If you’ve taken the time to do some research on Chat2date, you will probably have noticed that some of the dating profiles are somewhat cliché. People who don’t have a clue what to write, are pushed for time, or don’t have the patience to present themselves in the best light, often opt for clichés on their dating profile.

Letting people know that you: “love to travel”, “like Netflix and chill”, “enjoy good food and good company”, or that your motto in life is “live, laugh, love” is not only boring and predictable, but it also speaks volumes about you…not in a good way though.

There’s nothing wrong about liking these things. You just need to avoid a cliché way of stating the obvious, if you want your dating profile to be the best it can be. Focus on writing about things you love and enjoy that are unusual or extraordinary.

It’s also wise to steer clear of cringe-worthy clichés like: “I’m new here, so be gentle”, “I’m looking for my partner in crime”” and “Deleting soon”. And there’s no place for ‘LOL” on your profile!

Be Specific

To entice someone to send you a cheeky wink or a message on Chat2date, or a dating app, you need to be specific about what you’re seeking.

Don’t be tempted to write a generic type of profile, in an attempt to catch all. While this approach may certainly be effective in bagging you a large number of responses, it will also reduce your chances of connecting with the type of person that you’re actually trying to attract.

It’s best to write specifically for the girl or guy who’s your ideal match.

Do You Like Guacamole?

Some dating sites suggest that you add an attention-grabbing headline to your profile. The header can be something funny, quirky, cute, or totally random like “Do you like guacamole?”

The element of surprise can work wonders in encouraging someone to click on your profile, and to message you.

Choose a headline that relates to the content in your profile, but don’t go OTT. It should compliment your personal details, not detract from it.

Choose Your Best Photos

The photo that you feature on your dating photo is your shop window, and the reason why you receive winks and messages. Choose your favourite up-to-date snap (not one that is 10 years old!) where you look friendly and approachable.

To stand out, pick a photo that displays something creative or mysterious. This could be the arty angle of the camera, or an interesting background location.

If it suits your skin tone, it’s worth wearing red in the photo if you’re female, as the colour that’s associated with love and passion makes men view women as more attractive.

It’s best to avoid using a photo of you with your glamorous bestie, or your ex.

And before you add a photo to your dating profile, show it to an acquaintance of the opposite sex (a co-worker will do), for an unbiased opinion. Someone who doesn’t know you well will form a first impression in the same manner as anyone browsing online. Go with the pic that gets the big thumbs up!


How To Celebrate Christmas Alone

It’s estimated that more than a quarter of people in the UK do not celebrate Christmas in the company of loved ones. If you’re spending the 2022 festive season alone, by choice or circumstance, it doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

Chat2date’s 24/7 phone service can instantly connect you with interesting, like-minded and single people all over the UK. Whether you want to chat, flirt, or make a connection that can potentially grow into a lasting romantic relationship or platonic friendship, you can easily do this on the UK’s busiest phone chat line.

You don’t need to be surrounded by people to feel the spirit of Christmas. Shifting your perspective on how Xmas is ‘supposed to be’ will have a positive impact on your state of mind. It will also enhance your enjoyment of the most magical time of the year.

Appreciate The Solitude

It can feel a little strange to wake up on Christmas Day morning to an absence of people. A lack of pressing reasons that usually get you out of bed on any other day. To help you appreciate how lucky you are, to have an opportunity to celebrate Christmas alone this year, take a moment to reflect.

Close your eyes and tune into the intensified sounds all around you. Soak up the serene and soothing calmness.

Begin your day at a leisurely pace, mindfully appreciating everything that you do.

Instead of doing chores without pausing to give them a second thought – as you usually do – fully focus your attention on them.

Notice the sounds all around, as you pour yourself a cup of tea and settle into celebrating Christmas alone.

Wrap up warm and take a walk around your neighbourhood. If you have access to a local beauty spot, visit it and enjoy the best views all to yourself. You can also snap the best selfies too!

Do What You Love

For most people, Christmas Day is all about following tradition. This can often mean doing things that feel like a duty, rather than what you really want to do – ie: visiting relatives, eating a turkey dinner, and watching other people’s favourite shows on TV.

Consider how lucky you are to be able to do whatever you love, on Christmas Day!

You can pre-plan a list of enjoyable fun activities that will be effective in distracting you from dwelling on loneliness. Your list can include: watching your favourite Christmas movie, or indulging in binging the latest must-watch show; spending unlimited time on your hobbies, or learning a new skill, like cooking/baking, cocktail making, photography, art or music.

Or perhaps your ‘perfect solo Xmas involves lots of pampering and lounging around.

If you need some help to get into a Christmassy mood, put on some Xmas tunes and decorate your living room with festive fairy lights and tinsel. You don’t have to go all out with a Christmas tree, unless you want to, of course. After all, you are the Boss of Everything on Xmas Day 2022.

Enjoy The Best Christmas Day Lunch

When you’re celebrating Xmas on your own, you get to decide exactly what you’d like to eat and drink. If you’ve never been keen on the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, with Christmas pudding for afters, swap it for your all-time favourite menu.

Treat yourself by setting the table with your finest crockery and cutlery, and dishing up whatever you fancy. Beans on toast, sausage and mash, pizza, or a tasty alternative roast are all perfectly acceptable choices, when you’re celebrating alone.

Celebrate Online

If you do want some company, there’s a virtual Christmas party going on at Chat2Date. Login in and send a cheery Merry Christmas message to everyone online.

If you’ve been flirting and chatting with new friends, in the lead up to the festive season, you can plan to meet up on a virtual Christmas Day date at a pre-arranged time.

Surprise A Stranger

Helping others is a great way to help yourself. During the season of goodwill, donate your time and energy to lending a hand in your community, or helping someone less fortunate. If you have an elderly neighbour who is on their own, pay them a visit and accept an invitation to chat over a cup of coffee.

You may also feel inspired to perform a random act of kindness that benefits a stranger. It’s a lovely idea to buy a small gift, like chocolate or a book (that is suitable for anyone) and to gift wrap it and give it to a stranger. On a walk through your neighbourhood on Christmas Eve, look out for someone who looks lonely or could do with cheering up. Wish them Merry Christmas, as you hand them the surprise gift.

Alternatively, you could leave the gift somewhere it can easily be found – like on a park bench, or at a bus stop. Remember to write a message on the tag, to let them know they have not been forgotten by the spirit of Christmas. Knowing that someone is benefitting from your kindness and generosity will give you a warm glow, and make you feel connected to everyone.


5 Ways You Limit Your Chances In The Game Of Love

Game of love

When it comes to matters of the heart, many people are completely unaware of how they unconsciously sabotage themselves, and limit their chances of finding long lasting love.

On our 24/7 Chat2Date chat line service, you can easily connect and flirt with hundreds of genuine people who are interested in taking a gamble in the game of love.

If you don’t know the reason why you keep repeating one-date cycles, it’s a good idea to consider examining your strategy, and tweaking behaviour accordingly. To boost your dating success rate, check that you’re not limiting your chances by doing one or more of the following…

  1. Ignoring Your Relationship Patterns

Everyone has a relationship pattern that has been shaped and formed from self-beliefs, and parental influence. Perhaps your pattern attracts unsuitable or emotionally unavailable suitors who always break your heart? Or maybe you have a tendency to put up an impenetrable heart wall barrier to keep a partner from intimately getting too close?

Before you attempt to get involved with anyone new, it’s wise to take a look at yourself, and to explore the history of your relationships. Be honest about what went wrong in each situation, and own your behaviour and negative qualities.

If you have a pattern of choosing a person with specific traits, dig deep to find out what attracts you in the first place. Unless you’re willing to do the inner work, that’s required to release relationship patterns, you’ll remain stuck in a loop of relationship dissatisfaction.

  1. Not Setting Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are set in every kind of relationship — including family, romantic partnerships, platonic friendships, and associations with work mates and passing acquaintances. The invisible lines help to define each person, and provide a sense of mutual respect, protection, and support. Your expectations of the connection also impact on your relationship boundaries.

Someone with unhealthy boundaries may be willing to put a partner’s needs before their own, and to overlook behaviour that other people find totally unacceptable, simply because they don’t want to lose the attention or ‘love’ that’s on offer. Two people with healthy boundaries give each other space, reciprocal respect and unconditional love.

If you have a habit of bombarding your POI with texts, to check that they’re still interested in you, it’s time to redefine your boundaries. Consider what makes you feel comfortable and safe emotionally, physically and intellectually, and set your boundaries accordingly.

As a new relationship starts to bloom, it’s a good idea to consider updating your boundaries so that they accommodate intimacy and exclusivity.

  1. Crushing On Someone Who Is Emotionally Unavailable

On the dating scene, you’re likely to encounter like-minded people that are seriously seeking a romantic partner for a committed relationship, as well as individuals who want NSA connections, and those who are emotionally unavailable (EU). If you find that you’re hooked on someone who is not willing or able to give you want you want, on an emotional level, you need to cut ties and move on.

Crushing on someone who isn’t ready to get involved not only wastes your time, but also keeps you stuck in the perpetual loop of repeating patterns of behaviour. It’s OK to fall for their charm and flirty patter, provided that you open your eyes to their actions. Use the flirtation to practice your technique, but don’t allow yourself to become emotionally attached. Healthy boundaries will help you keep your distance.

Limit your interactions, with an EU person, to ones that are appropriate for the connection you’ve established on the UK’s busiest chat line service. Most people find that chatting to new people helps them to disconnect from someone who initially promised a great deal but failed to deliver.

If you want to find true love, letting go of the romantic fantasy, or any delusions you have, about being with the POI is absolutely essential. Talking to a good friend about your feelings can help you stop obsessing over your crush, and what might have been.

  1. Sticking To Your ‘Type’

Selecting the same type of people to chat, text and flirt with, on our fast, instant and totally anonymous chat line can potentially be detrimental to your dating success. If you’re only interested in chatting to cute guys or sexy girls you could be missing out on chances to connect with a special person who is your ideal love match.

Consciously choosing to break a pattern, allows you to establish a wider range of social interactions, with unlimited possibilities. Giving someone who doesn’t look or seem like your usual type’ may initially feel unfamiliar but offers an opportunity to boost your chances in the game of love. You could even end up falling in love with the most wonderful person in the world!

  1. Having Unrealistic/Fantasy Expectations

If you’re tired of repeating the one-date cycle, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself about your romantic expectations. What you believe about yourself, and what you realistically expect, will become your reality. For instance, if you’re someone who has a negative way of thinking and deep down expects that a lover will cheat on you, there’s a high probability that you will experience the feared outcome.

It’s crucial that you level up your self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence, before you connect with singles on the dating scene. Swap your desire for romance fantasies for experiences that are enjoyable and fun, and that teach you valuable things about yourself and love.


What You Can Learn From Your Dating Failures

Every time that you experience a dating failure, it can feel like all of your flirting efforts and emotional investment were a total waste of time. But if you tweak your perspective, you will be able to see that every date that fails to blossom into an intimate connection – that grows into a full-on love relationship – is actually a blessing in disguise.

You can learn a surprising amount about yourself, your values and self-worth, from dating failures and failed relationships.

The Dating Journey

For most people, the journey of love begins with flirting with someone you fancy, and arranging a date. If all goes well, perhaps there’s another date, followed by many more…that lead to the start of a relationship.

Others though, may experience endless first dates that never seem to progress to a real connection or a budding relationship. Being stuck in a perpetual one-date cycle can certainly feel soul destroying, and make you question yourself. Courageously exploring what each romantic failure is teaching you is essential if you want to learn how to attract lasting love into your life.

On Chat2Date you can easily connect with like-minded singles all over the UK, and explore potential dating possibilities. You’ll be able to practice your flirting techniques and communication skills, in prep for taking the next steps on your dating journey.

Turn Dating Failure To Success

Before you can become successful at dating, you need to focus on your past failures, and to learn from your mistakes. Putting the blame on the other person – for not seeing how awesome you are, why you’re such a catch, or all of your unique qualities – isn’t going to result in you getting lucky on your next date. You need to examine what went wrong, and why the blossoming connection dissolved on the first date. To find the answers to these questions, you must look within.

You may be subconsciously giving out a message of emotional unavailability, or exercising negative self-beliefs. Maybe you’re bombarding your date with OTT attention and affection, or acting too casual and cool for your own good. Being too quick to get intimately physical, on a first meet, is also likely to end up as a dating disappointment.

Identify your core issue and mistakes, and take responsibility for not repeating the cycle again.

Spot Dating Red Flags

When you’re keen to form an emotional bond with someone, it’s important to pay attention to red flags. It’s easy to overlook things that can potentially become an issue down the line, when you’re wearing rose-tinted spectacles. If you notice a behaviour pattern that’s familiar to past experiences, pretending that it doesn’t exist is a guaranteed way to get caught up in yet another repetitive cycle that catapults you into heartbreak.

Learn from your past dating failures, and be prepared not to compromise on anything that you consider to be a deal-breaker. If you settle for less than you deserve, you will never be happy.

Level Up

Every dating failure gives you a chance to level up. Yes, rejection can be tough, but picking yourself up and learning from the experience will get you closer to finding your perfect love match.

To level up, you need to be honest with yourself and to understand your dating style, needs and wants:

Being too needy for love is detrimental to your dating success. While it’s good to have expectations when you go out on a first date, allowing your emotions to take the lead can end up with you playing out a fantasy relationship in your head.

To avoid making a dating mistake, be honest and upfront about your expectations. If they don’t match those of the person that you’re dating, it’s crucial that you accept the fact and move on to dating someone else.

Ditch the illusions and fake stories that you’ve previously told interested parties, to influence their desire for you. Letting go of being someone you’re not means that you can fully embody your unique personality, and the traits and qualities that make you special.

When you level up, you won’t want to be anything but your authenticate self. You also won’t want to date anyone who isn’t genuine and authentic, as you just won’t feel truly comfortable in their company.

Embrace Being Single

There’s nothing wrong with being single – for a while, or a long time. You don’t have to be lonely just because you’re on your own. Being single gives you an opportunity to explore your passions and personal interests, which is something that many people tend to forget about once they form a relationship.

Embrace being single and commit to dating yourself at least once a week. Spend quality time doing things that you love and that bring you joy. Overcome loneliness by chatting to singles on the popular Chat2Date social network. You never know… you could strike up a connection with someone who ends up being the love of your life.