How To Attract Quality Dates

Attract quality datesTo maximise the chances of your dating experience being positive, it’s vital that you learn how to attract quality dates. Regardless of whether you’re someone who is looking for long-term love and romance, or to have some NSA fun, you’ll undoubtedly wish to attract people who are friendly, upbeat and good company, to make dating an enjoyable experience.

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You have the power to create a better dating experience. If you’re tired of going on dates that are lacklustre, or you’re stuck in a one-date cycle, just follow our steps to attracting quality dates that far exceed your expectations and dating success…

Define quality

Before you can attract quality dates, it makes total sense to get clear on what ‘quality’ means to you.

For most people who are into dating, ‘quality’ is synonymous with establishing rapport and chemistry. Feeling comfortable in the connection also means that you’re much more likely to have fun and an enjoyable experience.

The ‘quality’ definition generally has little to do with physical good looks. It’s more of a match for a combination of personality, sense of humour, kindness, compassion, honesty and intelligence. This quality combo is especially important if you’re keen to attract someone who is potentially marriage material.

Be yourself

To attract quality dates, it’s essential that you take ownership of your masculine and feminine energies. As everyone has a mix of both energies, it’s crucial to bring them into balance and to express yourself authentically.

If you’re a sassy lady who tends to take on a masculine role – to get things done or to ooze more confidence – you’ll need to tune into your feminine essence, if you want to attract quality dates with guys who treat you like a goddess.

If you’re a smooth talking guy that’s proud to always take the lead, it can be beneficial to tweak your rugged manliness, if you want to attract quality dates with women who are your ideal match. Being too macho may keep you in a cycle of attracting drop-dead gorgeous girls that lack personality or substance.

Focus of being the best version of you, and practice your flirting techniques on Chat2Date. As you become more comfortable being yourself, you’ll notice that the quality of the interactions that you have on the 24 hours a day phone chat line dramatically improves.

Set higher standards

You’ll also need to raise your standards, if you’re serious about attracting quality dates. To attract a partner who accepts, respects and values you, it’s important to set healthy boundaries and higher standards for the way that you want to be treated.

Once standards are set, you’ll need to pay attention to how folk treat you, if you want to avoid making compromises that impact on the quality of a connection or relationship.

Stay true to yourself, and don’t allow anyone to devalue you. If you don’t feel good about the way someone treats you, speak up and let them know that you have higher standards. Anyone who’s not willing to put in the effort to match your level really isn’t worth having around.

Control the pace

Having higher standards and being yourself will boost your self-esteem and confidence, and make you feel comfortable about controlling the pace of the connection. When you know what you want from the dating experience, there’s no pressure to do things that you don’t want to do.

Setting the pace allows you to fully explore a connection that you make on a quality date, without feeling rushed to have sex before you’re ready to get intimate.

When you meet ‘a catch’, on a high quality date, they’ll understand that it’s important to you to feel emotionally connected to someone before you express yourself sexually. They’ll also feel comfortable about you taking the lead in whatever direction you want the quality connection to go.