Save Money When Calling From A Mobile!

If you call our chat lines from a mobile, rather than calling our 087 number, call our mobile short code – 83344 – for only 25p per minute from all mobile networks with NO access charges.

For example, if you are calling from an EE mobile and you dial our 0871 number, it will cost you 13p per minute plus their access charge of 55p per minute, so in total you would be spending 68p per minute.

If you made the same call using our mobile short code83344 – then you would only be charged 25 pence per minute! There are NO EXPENSIVE ACCESS CHARGES! Giving you a saving of 43p per minute!

See our table below for a comparison of all access charges across the networks:

Network Mobile Access Charge (per minute)* Landline Access Charge (per minute)*
Vodafone** 55p N/A
O2 37p 5p
EE 55p N/A
Three 55p N/A
giffgaff 25p N/A
Tesco Mobile 25p N/A
Virgin Mobile 58p N/A
Virgin Media [Can be found on your bill & in  your contract]
BT 30p 15p
TalkTalk N/A 12.5p
Sky N/A 11.5p
N.B. Some providers have a 1 minute minimum charge.

 *Prices correct as of 18th March 2020. You should always check with your service provider.

** Vodafone users may need to ask for the premium rate bar to be removed to enable access to this service. Click here for more information.

Do you use our service a lot? The cheapest way to access our chat line is to set up a prepaid credit or debit card account.You can then call our freephone number to get chatting!

This means there will be no expensive access charges on your phone bill and you can keep an eye on what you’re spending.

If you open an account for £10, we will give you 170 minutes of talk time – that’s just 6p per minute!

Further top-ups of £10 will buy 56 minutes of talk time and top-ups can be done in units of £10, £20 or £30.


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