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Our Top Ten Topics To Fill Those Awkward Silences

Woman smiling leaning against wall talking on mobile phone

Apprehensive about avoiding those awkward silences when chatting to someone for the first time?

Worry no more! Here are our top ten topics to help start a conversation to hopefully find some shared interests and maybe even get a date!

Find out if they like travelling and where they have been – you might have been to the same places or they might have been somewhere you want to visit or vice versa!

If you both have pets this is always a good topic of conversation and you’ll never run out of things to say!

Talking about family can be good for many reasons as you can get to know a person better when they’re talking about the people they love and are close to.

Everyone loves food! Talk about your favourite restaurants or what you like cooking.

You don’t have to play sports to talk about them but you do have to watch them! If there is a sport that you both enjoy playing or watching then this is a great topic to chat about.

We spend most of our time at work so there’s sure to be a lot to discuss, whether it be what you do for work, your colleagues or what you do on your lunch break!

Hobbies are things that you love to do so are sure to show off your best side and your personality and will give you an insight into your date’s social life.

Whether you like the same music and can share stories of gigs/concerts you’ve been to or whether your tastes are totally different this is a subject that could be talked about for hours!

Everyone loves a good movie! Whether you agree on which movies you love and which you don’t, there are plenty of genres to cover!

Bucket List
This is what you want to achieve in your life. Be it swimming with dolphins or going into space! This will give you a chance to get to know your date based on things they like and how adventurous they are!

Only talk about things you and your date feel comfortable with – if you sense they aren’t engaging then switch to talking about something totally different – there’s no need to feel awkward.

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