Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

We use cookies to help give you a better experience when using this site. Without cookies we could not log you in and you would often need to repeat the same process each time a page loaded.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your PC or mobile device to help identify you, set your preferences and improve your experience. The cookie can only be retrieved and read by the website's server that has set it. All our cookies only contain anonymous information.

How to stop using cookies

We do not use cookies to store personal information, however if you wish to stop using cookies you should do this through the settings with each browser that you use. For more information on disabling and removing cookies visit the web site: About Cookies

Cookie details

Here is a list of the cookies that are set when visiting this site:

Google Analytics: Anonymous data used to gather statistics and customer interactions with the site so that we can improve the user experience

Google AdSense: Where applicable we use these cookies to help us better understand the effectiveness of our online campaigns. These cookies are anonymous.

Google DoubleClick: Where applicable this cookie is used to display adverts within the site. These cookies are anonymous.

Session Cookie: A small identifying string that helps us remember what settings you prefer and ensures that you can access your member account safely.

External web sites

Sometimes we embed videos or buttons from sites such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. These external sites may choose to set cookies that identify you when you later log into their site. We do not control these cookies and you should check the relevant site to confirm what cookie data is stored or if you wish to opt-out from them.

Always play safe when meeting anyone through this phone service. Be safe and sensible.
Meet your date in a public place and tell a friend where you will be going.
Never give out your personal contact details or information when you have a live one to one conversation on this phone service.